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A guide to build an efficient business travel management program
This white paper will help you to design an efficient and robust business travel program for your organization.
The 7 P's of Business Travel Management talks about :
  • Process options to be set up for an efficient business travel management program.
  • Setting up the best travel policy will help corporates to reduce business travel spend.
  • Standard travel policies which have proven to reduce business travel cost.
  • Types of airline corporate program and benefits associated with them.
  • Creating a network of preferred suppliers.
  • Identifying the best travel management solution for your organization.
  • Creating a great business travel experience for your employees.
  • Measuring the performance and effectiveness of your business travel program.
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About Author :
Mr Gautam Ramanujan is the Chief Commercial Officer at Infiniti Software Solutions and a pioneer in business travel management solution space in India. Through his experience and expertise, he has been helping several companies design and deploy state of the art business travel management programs.
Gautam Ramanujan, CCO, Infiniti software solutions.
About Atyourprice :
If you are a corporate and looking to automate your business travel management , Atyourprice is the perfect fit for you. Atyourprice is a robust web based business travel solution that automates travel planning, requisition, approval, fulfillment, invoicing, reporting and duty of care. Automation brings exponential savings upto 22% on your business travel program and also makes the travel procurement process operationally efficient.

Today Atyourprice is a travel solution choice for more than 250 corporates in India.

Learn more about how Atyourprice can help you reduce your T&E spend contact us on sales@infinitisoftware.net.
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