Travel policy : Measure and build

The best travel policies helps corporates bring down their spend without reducing the number of trips taken. Companies adopt policies based on market trends not based on their employee buying and booking behavior.

If you cant measure it you cant solve it: Understanding the booking pattern within their respective organizations will help companies come up with the right travel policies. Some of the most effective travel policies for air travel are suggested below.

AP-7 : Advance purchase policy where employees are expected to plan and book their travel 7 days prior to departure the resulting savings could be close to 13-18%.

Same Day Cancel and Book not permitted: Employees tend to finish their meetings before schedule and ask their travel desk to book them on an earlier flight. This practice results in losses as last minute changes typically result in higher fare differences.

Business Class not permitted on Domestic Sectors: Employees are only allowed to fly economy class on domestic sectors.

Lowest Logical Fare: Employees are excepted to select the lowest logical fare which is the cheapest fare in a +- 1 hour time range. This would result in savings to the tune of 8-15%.

Trip Type Control: Employees are excepted to book round trip tickets instead of two one way trips as this will help them get access to special round trip fares that are typically cheaper by 7-12%.

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