Traveling from Bengaluru airport for your next business trip? Now check-in your luggage in just 45 seconds

With hottest start-ups and the countries prominent information technology hub, indeed it is one of the frequently traveled destinations of business travelers. But do you remember the lengthy queues and the anxiousness you experienced at Bengaluru airport of not missing your flight? Well, to put an end to all those long waiting times and make your trip smoother and easier Bengaluru airport now introduced an automated self baggage drop facility.

Excited to know more? Well here it follows:

The Bangalore airport is now equipped with 16 fully automated self bag-drop machines, which is entirely designed and implemented by Materna IPS. The entire check-in process will complete within 45 seconds. Thus it makes Kempagowda International Airport (KIA) as the fastest and first airport in the country to achieve this update. You must have observed everytime you traveled through KIA the crowd was greater than before. With the consistent increase in no of passengers, KIA  has suffered a lot due to the hectic baggage transaction process. This initiative is taken mainly to reduce these check-in queues and to enhance hassle-free baggage transactions.

The managing authorities appear to be excited about the new implementation. Commenting on this transformation, The Chief operating officer of Bangalore international airport limited, Javed Malik said: “Continuous improvement of passenger experience at the airport has always been a priority for us, and the introduction of the new Self-Bag-Drop is a testimony to that. We’re excited to be the first airport in the Country to offer our passengers and airlines state-of-the-art technology, that will ease the process of air travel. Our goal is to use technology to improve the passenger experience and to make airport operations more efficient.”

Bearing the witness of this change, one of our AtYourPrice flyer stated," Traveling to and fro from Bangalore to Chennai on a single day is hectic. The wait-times were exhausting to make it worse. But this time self bag-drop system was a big relieve, and I had time to relax and catch up on my reading ".

So, here's how it works?

The self bag-drop system has a two-step approach.

 Step 1: Initially a passenger will print a boarding pass and a bag tag at a self-check-in kiosk.

Step 2: Once tagged, the passenger will go to the bag drop machine, scan the boarding pass to initiate the bag drop process.
After the process of scanning, the bag will be measured, weighed and then it will be sent to the baggage handling system.

If there is excess baggage, the passenger will be guided to the hybrid counter to fulfill the check-in payments. Also, multiple payment gateway options for excess baggage will be included as a later part of technology development.

And the Disclaimer: Only passengers with web check-in can use this automated self-bag drop system.

Initially, the self bag-drop system will be offered by Air Asia and Spicejet only. And slowly the service will be expanded to more airlines in the future. This is an excellent start in the adoption of technological enhancement for the travel industry. With long queues   a thing of a past, gear up for flying  your next business trip.

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