How to create the best business travel experience for your employees?

Employees are the pillars of any organization. Employees enjoy business travel as they explore the new things the place has to offer but often there can be tendencies for  employees to grow frustrated, due to sudden flight cancellation, inconvenient accommodation and delays. Any organization's aim must be to provide the best traveling experience for their employees, so that they need not worry about travel issues and are able to concentrate only on business deals. But how, let's find out.

Empower your employees:

Organization can achieve excellence when they attempt to empower their employees make them feel an important part in every decision making process. So why employees should be separated from planning their business travel? Wouldn't it have been great if employees were allowed to choose their travel choices over a range of options! A self booking interface where employees can book, modify and cancel their travel requirement helps them to feel empowered. When employees get engaged, they begin to take an interest in creating the best travel experience.

Make approvals faster:

The approvers may get delayed in approving the travel requests of the employees, which can cause loosing out the best travel deals. Different levels of approval cause delay and complexity, leaving the employees frustrated. Also, situations may arise where it has not been possible for the employees to connect to its approver. Finally, organizations end up paying more. Instead, organization can go for a fast approval process where a request is raised by the employee and the approver gets notification, approves anywhere at any time.

Make it easier for employees to follow policies:

Organizations will have different travelling policies for different employees. The employees ignorance or carelessness may lead to company policy and budget violation. During the reimbursement process, this flaws may get highlighted and the organization refuses to pay more than the budget. Employees fail to understand the reasons and feel they are unfairly paid. There can be nothing worse than having dissatisfied and unhappy employees. How nice it would be! if employees were able to use an easy booking tool that can warn the employees related to policy violation and constantly remind them about travel procedures!

Support your employees:

A supportive organization will make employees feel they care for them. It is the responsibility of every organization to be a support through the entire travel journey. Situations may arise, employee reaches the airport and the news of flight cancellation arrives and the next day he has to be present for his child's birthday! It may be flights, hotels, restaurants, he just needs to ask and there is always someone to answer all his needs.

Make travel at fingertips:

With the world becoming a global village, employees can be anywhere and can require assistance in travel anytime. Having a mobile application that can serve the purpose of booking, modifying, cancelling, approving travel requests will enhance the business travel experience. Employees can access from anywhere, anytime. Moreover, it makes the travelling fast and easy. For an organization, there can be no big asset than happy and satisfied employees.

When these needs are fulfilled, employees rather than having a grumbling face will be excited when the news of the next business trip arrives. Organization can adopt a corporate travel management solution that automates the travel process and creates the best business travel experience for your employees.

If you are a corporate and looking to automate your business travel management, Atyourprice is the perfect fit for you. Atyourprice is a robust web based business travel solution that automates travel planning, requisition, approval, fulfilment, invoicing, reporting and duty of care. Automation brings exponential savings to your business travel program and also makes the travel procurement process more operationally efficient.

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